Due to quite a lot of hacker attacks to get member login data we were forced to install automatic software systems to protect member login against these attacks.

Under normal conditions you have a reasonable number of  trials to type in your correct login data. In case one reached the failed login attempt limit the respective IP will be blocked for a certain time period. Because of security reasons we do not inform about the current default limit.

There are different systems monitoring the login function and the site traffic. In case any of these systems gives a hacker attack alert the protection parameters will be escalated automatically. In this case number of accepted failed login trials will be reduced.

One will be informed if the respective IP is temporarily blocked. You will get information how to contact sperma-studio.com staff to ask for unblocking your IP. We will help as soon as possible. We are situated in Central Europe.

Sorry for any inconvenience because of all these security measures.


Above all. These contact options are available for Members only.

If you have any general questions or ideas about this website please post it at our “MEMBER BOARD” (= forum / menu item in member area). Spermastudio staff is participating actively and tries to answer within reasonable time.

Regarding any questions or remarks about your subscription and payment or regarding technical problems you can not solve yourselfs please send a message to “SUPPORT” (upper menu in member area). We will take care as soon as possible. We are situated in Central Europe.

What is Live-Stream?

Live-Stream is realy live.

We send this video stream directly from our production to you.
All uncut…real live