Spermastudio Live stream…

Live from the set … Live from the camera … uncut

For members it is free, but you can also book a livestream of the production individually!

For each production, there is a live stream directly from production.

The Livestream is always booked for

9.95 EUR per 30 days

– for 1 time.
In this time we have 2 or 3 productions.

So be live close up!

Please note our livestream dates!

The Livestream starts at 20:45 Servertime UTC +1 on the day of our production

Take 1: 35-45 min.  BREAK 35-45 min.  Take 2: 35-45 min.

Spermastudio offers you the option of accessing our production events via a “Live Stream” facility.
Sometimes, for technical or production reasons the “Live Stream” facility becomes un-available.
In such circumstances your booked payment for access to a “Live Stream” event will be refunded to you – automatically.
We thank you for your understanding.

Next live stream :

During the Corona Pandemic we are unfortunately not able to carry out productions