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  1. twill_961418

    American and love spermastudio. No fake women like US in fake scenes and roles just raw sex. Love!

  2. we have no new videos …and old videos …we have only good ones ….or sometimes not
    we always give our best threfore with normal horny people who like to be a part of real hardcore …

  3. leifeide2

    It is amazing how some of these clowns criticizing everything even learned to read and write. Judging from their language, they must be primitive americans, probably hillbilly from the country.
    Show me just ONE site on internet who offers this enormous amount of movies for downloading at this low price! This is without doubt the best deal around. So why don´t you wankers quit complaining about everything and enjoy the movies you like instead?
    The cameraman is way much better than many competitor´s, so don´t think you can do so much better yourself.
    The guys behind this site are genuinely interested in what they are doing, as opposed to the lame american sites with ugly mechanical plastic women.

    Long live Spermastudio!

    1. techsupport

      Hi Leifeide2

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

      Sometimes the comments are not fair, and I’m tired of this yet to comment.
      I like to comment on posts that are constructive.
      But comments that contain only the words “shit” or “fuck you” are for me just shit!
      It can not be any movie the right one for a user.
      On this website you can download 20 videos per day.
      These are theoretically 600 videos in 30 days for 24.95 €

    2. I can only support your opinion leifeide2 ! SpermaStudio is just one of the very few studio providing such quality movies. And they do live streaming of the parties. And they do offer a huge quantity of original videos. And you can take part to the shooting.
      Just cannot get tired of Sperma Studio and cannot stop praising their efforts !
      We, as users/customers/men/women/couple, always ask for more of this or of that depending on our taste and – being there for a while now – can guarantee that the guys at Sperma Studio listen carefully to demands and try – when they can and if suits the spirit of Sperma Studio – to accomodate the ideas …
      Thanks guys, keep up the good work !

  4. sammick99

    I think this site is on is final legs. It feels like they are trying to shut it down gradually while extracting as many members money that are hanging in there hoping it will get better. Sorry to see such a great site decline and go out of business, but I fear that is the fate of this site.

    1. annette

      This isn’t a new video either tell the world not to get robbed via the right channels fucking site is shit

      1. techsupport

        We will check this.
        I think you make never a mistake.
        Shit is only how you make this conversation.

        Excuse me, we make all mistakes but is this the fine art for a conversation?

        1. kris348

          For a long time now, you are not making up to your end of the deal. The promised video`s are sometimes old video`s and are way way to late.
          I quit my membership when the site went bad a few months ago, now I tried again to rejoin and found out its not correct like before.
          You never communicate with your members or offer apologies so how can you talk about the art of conversation when your communicating skills are very bad.
          You must have seen membership drop, this is your wakeup call.
          Just do what we pay for and we will not complain…to mush.
          If you run this site like the first years, we will be happy and guys will come back.

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