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  1. riddlebox113

    decent but would love to start seeing more cum you can never have to much cum in a creampie gangbang the more the better keep the cum flying

  2. More garbage, horrible camera angles, the video cuts out to a new angle at the most inopportune of times, just keep with the same thing where it has momentum, you muppet. Not sure why I even renewed.

  3. blacksabbath

    I agree, some of the scenes have the potential to have been great, if not for the horrible camera work. That is what is so frustrating. They have many very hot women willing to take multiple creampies, and they just squander the scenes by having the cameraman constantly move around, walking backwards away from where the sex is happening, hardly filming any of the actual sex act so the viewer can see it, and during the times that we do, it’s mostly from that dreadul behind angle where we see the male performers ass instead of the penis entering the vagina. And I get that he is part of the organization, but they are selling a product which is dropping is quality dramatically mainly because he does not know how to film scenes properly. I get that not everyone likes to see the exact same angles all the time, but when we hardly get to see any of the actual sex act, then what is the point of even putting the scene out, and what reason does anyone have to pay for this poor quality product?

  4. kris348

    The problem is that the cameraman does not understand what we think is horny. He is doing his job and nothing more. Unfortunately this guy is a part of the organization and they refuse to replace him. This aspect and the fact the updates are not on time, means the quality drops dramatically. To bad because the gangbang are pretty good when attending.

  5. blacksabbath

    The camera man ruins the scene as usual. HORRIBLE camera angles, and as always, he films tons of closeups of the male performers asses. Serious question: is the Spermastudio cameraman really as utterly inept and icompetent at filming sex scenes as he seems, or is he actually gay and is that the reason he films more footage of the male performers asses in every scene than he does the women’s bodies? It would be good for once if you could film a scene where this imbecile stops continually moving around, constantly shaking the camera, filming constant footage of men’s asses and actually films a sex scene in which we can SEE THE SEX HAPPENING. This site has become a total waste of money.

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