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  1. augenblick007

    Hammer, da wünscht man sich das alles wieder normal wird und man bei euch wieder ordentlich schlammschieben und abspritzen kann. Immer die frau daheim nervt langsam 🤪

  2. riddlebox113

    it had some amazing cumshots but need just as much cum in the pussy as well then it would of been perfect

  3. blacksabbath

    Just when you think the camera angles can’t possibly get any worse…Seriously, when you film a sex scene it helps if you ACTUALLY SHOW the sex, and film the penis entering the vagina. Instead, just like most of the recent scenes, as soon as the sex starts to happen, the camera man starts filming from that awful unwatchable angle where all the viewer can see is the back of the men’s ass. Why does the cameraman have such a fascination with filming closeups of men’s asses?

    Here’s an idea for the next scene: how about standing still and actually filming the girls body while she gets fucked, instead of moving around the room in circles and filming so many shots of the guys asses.

    1. jan1234

      i totally agree, the camera angles are terrible, moreover, it is shaky like hell. If you take someone from the street, you give him a camcorder, he won’t do it much worse. Perhaps even better if he is talented. Not to mention, these 2 models are not the ones i would like to see on porn movies.

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