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  1. flgymbuddy

    It’s been my constant understanding that they don’t respond to ANY emails sent. I’ve sent about 4 emails in the past and they have yet to responded to any of them…

  2. jack7787

    now I understand why you did not respond about this videos download problem its a copy of emma star gb 2 from 2010 too bad

    1. Hallo Jack.
      The video was only online as 1280×720 until 2013.
      This is a completely new cut.
      But that has its reasons.
      Our cutter (Tabo) is in the hospital.
      I (Techsupport Eddi) is currently doing his work.
      So sorry if it’s not running without problems right now.

  3. flgymbuddy

    I’m not sure what to think right about now… It seems that Sperma Studios lacks some moral direction and honest. If you don’t have NEW content to provide to your subscribers, then just come on out and say so. DO NOT try to introduce OLD scenes as new. The above scene (Games) is the same exact scene as GB Emma Starr 2 from April 24, 2010! You would think that Sperma Studios wouldn’t do this as they list ALL the scenes staring that model below…

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