Take 1 with Sexy-Susi and Manu Magnum with special focus on Sexy-Susi.

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  1. modacat

    I’m going to have to agree with my sister, once a girl takes it in the mouth, she might as well be a sport and finish the process – at least sometimes. This is one reason why Anna is the true Goddess of this place; the other reasons I stated in another post. She has a way of making eye contact with the camera and saying so much with one look; that beautiful, shy, demur smile, followed by her looking down and away, clearly says; “…I’ve always been a good girl, but I can’t help it if I love to suck cock and swallow as much cum as I can get down my throat…”. I have news for you, Anna; the fact that you do what you do doesn’t make you a good girl, it makes you a FANTASTIC girl! Thank you for sharing your sensuality with the world; it’s a more beautiful place because of you! I realize you might be retired, but if you’re not, my fraternity (about 40 of us) would very much like to work with you. We are all healthy, professional, and respectful. I think we would all enjoy it.

  2. modacat

    This is my brother’s account, and I just wanted to say something;

    I am just an average looking girl maybe a bit thin, certainly not like some of the porn vixens here, but I’m certainly very fuckable, and would love to be the one being ravaged by two dozen men. I don’t get why that Suzy girl (or anyone else) is spitting after taking cum in her mouth! It’s there! Show that you’re into what you’re doing and swallow it! I wish I was the one on that table, instead of having to beg my brother’s geek friends to let me blow them, and to fuck me! As long as a man’s hygienic, I’d literally suck them dry, lick them clean, and suck it down, not spit it out! I know there’s a pandemic, but when a healthy 20-year-old girl needs to beg to suck fuck and swallow, while other girls spit, something’s wrong. What is happening to this world?!

    from modacat’s account

  3. muclion

    Sexy Susi ist halt wie immer eine spermageile Frau – sie kann gar nicht genug Schwänze und vor allem genug Sperma bekommen. Ist wirklich ihre Leidenschaft, habe sie auch schon live bei einem GB erlebt. Sie gibt nicht eher Ruhe, bis die Eier absolut leer sind und die Kerle mit weichen Knien nach Hause wanken…..
    Tolle geile Frau.

  4. Rosebud34

    Since last January 28th without posting a single video despite charging us the monthly subscription. It does not stop looking like a scam despite the same message from the last 3 weeks: “Next update: 4 updates per month” and the same text for the streaming section: “Friday 17th January 2020 20:30 UTC+1” … It will be best to ask the opinion of the EU consumer authorities for you to audit your bussiness.

  5. pornlord

    I should add that the only problem the scene had was that you see there is a part when there is a huge load of cum in Susie’s pussy, but you never got to see who gave it to her, the guy pull of when he came inside her, in addition to her pushing it out of her pussy. Please don’t repeat this again. This is shown at 14:19 – 14:29

  6. pornlord

    Some awesome creampies. There is no one sexier than Sussie when it comes to taking huge loads of cum inside her pussy

  7. gizmo0335


    Was there ever a second shoot with manu this day where she got creampies and will be an update soon?

  8. berlinwixxer

    OH SIND DAS TOLLE SCHLAMPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!Da mitmachen ist das ABSOLUT TOLLSTE was Mann machen kann!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Gijoe36

    My wife misty would be so good at spermastudio porn. She’s such a fucking slut whore. She has never once been faithful in our marriage. The first year we were together she cheated on me and fucked over 30 different men. She tried to hide it at first until she found out that I love it when she whores around. Then She came clean and told me sometimes she would even fuck up to 3 different men in a day. Then she started doing gangbang. Now that we have been together 5 years I think she has fucked way over 350 men and the nastiest part of it all is she never has the men use condoms. It’s always raw and she does everything. I want to convince her to work for spermastudio. You guys would love her. Everything every hole no condoms creampie .

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