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      I also completely agree with Eddy! ItΒ΄s of course a nice thing when cum is dripping of their mouths, but the main theme should always be dripping cunts!

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      I`m missing messy creampies in Jessys cunt, while she was lying on the turntable. Instead of this she was getting only facial bukkake as we know in GGG-Movies.
      What a pity that you are not going to your roots, the time where you can see one creampie after the other and all that cum was dripping out of the cunts.
      But that is currently the exception…An other annoyance are the stupid comments of one of your cameramen. It would be nice if he could keep his mouth shut because he destroys our good mood and our horniness while jerking off! And to remove the original soundtrack also has the same effect on it!

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              It seems that there are two “Hot Julia”s…
              This one is very cute πŸ˜‰

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