That’s Take 2 with Candela X in Spermastudio.

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  1. derekusa

    I’m very disappointed with this video unfortunately. You guys could’ve done a better job in this production. Candela could have done more dick riding in this video because the beginning of the video was good but ended in a very lame way I did not see any exciting action and also not a lot of sperm which was very disappointing. I would love to see the guys talk dirty to the girls in German more. I was really looking forward to this video but unfortunately it didn’t work out the way I expected. Spermastudio should have took advantage of having a great star like Candela X and done a better shoot than this one because she deserves better than that shoot. Hopefully she comes back for another one in the future and hope that one would be better.

    1. Hallo derekusa.
      Thanks for your fair comments on the shoot.
      It was her first time in our studio.
      She didn’t speak English, only Spanish.
      It was not so easy to establish a reasonable communication.
      There is also the Take 2 with her online.
      We will definitely book her again for a production as soon as we can produce again.
      We hope that it will be possible again in the near future.

      Greetings Eddi

      1. derekusa

        Thanks for the kind response Eddi. As a loyal fan of Spermastudio I would like to see in the future shoots the girls taking sperm showers while riding hard cock then another group of guys come in and rub all that sperm all over the girls body with their hands. That is something a lot of fans would love to see but the problem is that we are not seeing a lot of sperm in many shoots just girls on their backs lame dry fucking. Please be more creative and implement new exciting ideas for the fans to enjoy. Can you please take this into consideration in the near future and hope that we can return back safely and make shoots better than ever and full of more sperm! Also would love to see girls from different countries like Arab girls for example, in France they have a lot of Arab girl porn stars in their industry because it’s nice to have diversity in porn. And of course more big boob girls please!


  2. ls404731

    not just this video, but all of your videos are corrupted , i download 10 video with different resolution and non of them was playable.
    they play just fine online, but not after download.

    1. Hello.
      I have now performed a download of the 1920×1080 version.
      This can be played locally on my computer without any problems.
      The file size of the download is 1.958,418 KB.

      Please check the file size of your download.

      Greetings Eddi

  3. berlinwixxer

    What a MEGA DIRTY SLUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a MEGA GREAT FAN of her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. berlinwixxer

    WAS für eine MEGA GEILE SUUUPERSCHLAMPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ich bin eine RIIIIESENFAN von ihr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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