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      Die Blonde ist ja der OBERKNALLER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ist das eine versute tolle SUPERSCHLAMPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Und dieses Outfit diese Rnge in der Fotze und diese traumhaften Overknees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      anymore new sexy jolie videos bring her back one of the best sooo lovely and sexy natalie tooo the new girls are nothing like as good too many with tattoos a big turn off !!!

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      Terrible camera angles as usual. Just as bad as the original version.This cameraman completely ruins every scene by continually moving around in circles instead of just zooming in and filming closeups of the penetration. He stands as far away as possible and films so that all we can see most of the time is the male performers asses. It isn’t rocket science to film porno, all you have to do is film the actual sex act, yet that seems far too difficult for the spermastudio cameraman. Also, what’s up with those weird, raspy, heavy breathing noises the camera guy always makes?

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      Very disappointing! Please upload a new video as soon as possible. You keep uploading old videos that does not interest any of the viewers on this site. We want new content!

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      Yeah !! Very poor !! Weeks of waiting without anything interesting ! This is old and 2nd cam does not show anything…

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      I surely hope this isn’t uploaded to make up for the livestream screw up! A new camera angle of an old and average clip certainly isn’t worth the few hours of stuffing around we had! Please upload at least one of Natalies scenes from today ASAP so we can at least see what we missed out on!

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